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If you think ahead, can you imagine not feeling quite up to mowing the lawn, tending the garden or caring for a large home? Perhaps driving into town or visiting friends seems lovely but a bit more than you have energy for. Or you just don’t want to drive at night any longer. Would you want to move in with your children and leave friends and community behind? These are not easy questions to ponder but if we don’t answer them now, there may be very few choices when we are forced to think about them. Because the time WILL come!

Life Care Humboldt is a nonprofit formed in January 2020 to plan, build, and support a mixed-income senior Life Plan Community in Humboldt County, California.  The goal is a resident-run community integrating independent living, assisted living and memory care on one 12-acre campus.  They are planning approximately 80 cottages and apartments for independent living with the option of assisted living if needed, two 12-bedroom memory care homes and a 4-acre farm.  We want a place that reflects North Coast culture and values.

The Humboldt County Housing Plan states that “to accommodate the growing population of elders may be the number one housing challenge facing the County in coming years.”  There is currently no life plan community within 200 miles, which leaves families facing the hard decision of leaving behind long ties to a community.

Life Care Humboldt is currently soliciting input about the design of this community and urges others to share their thoughts at https://www.lif ecarehumboldt.org/life-care-humboldt-physical-design-survey/

Find more information about the organization, their plans and opportunities to donate toward building this community locally at https://www.lifecarehumboldt.org






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