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North Coast Growers’ Association


Our member spotlight is now on the North Coast Growers Association

This month we shine our spotlight on the North Coast Growers’ Association.  This dynamic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization operates several certified markets around the county.  Not only do they bring farm-fresh, local food directly to consumers, they also promote awareness of and support for farmers’ markets, work with other direct marketing associations to share resources and improve market management, educate consumers, and promote and improve access to local agricultural products for the community.

NCGA operates a year-round market in Arcata along with seasonal markets in Willow Creek, McKinleyville, Henderson Center (Eureka), Old Town (Eureka), Fortuna, Miranda, Garberville and Shelter Cove.  Here in Southern Humboldt we have three certified markets for shopping:  Garberville operates every Friday from 11am -3pm at the Garberville Town Square and Church Street; the Miranda market is open on Mondays from 2pm – 6pm along the Avenue of the Giants in front of the Miranda Market; and, the Shelter Cove market is open on Tuesdays from 11am – 3pm in front of Mario’s Motel.

The markets offer the freshest produce, meats and seafoods available to the buyer.  They also often offer freshly prepared foods along with beautiful artisan crafts and hand-made delights.  In the Spring, the market is a great place to shop for starts for your home garden.

The NCGA Farmers’ Markets also accept EBT cards for purchases.  You can earn even more buying power through their Market Match program.  They will also accept your debit or credit card.  See the market manager at your preferred location for more information about these programs.

So don’t walk, run on down to your local farmers’ market before the goods are gone!!





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