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Brass Rail Bar


This month’s Member Spotlight is on the Brass Rail Bar & Grill located at 3188 Redwood Drive in  Redway.  

The business has been in continuous operation since at least 1922 which makes this year their un-official  centennial!  

The restaurant was regionally well-known for decades as a steakhouse and served as a destination for  dining and entertainment. Once upon a time, previous owners had a bobcat which they kept in the  building. As the story goes, they used to let it out to roam when the timing was right. It’s fun to  speculate on what that timing might have been!  

Today, they offer hot prepared foods, local beers and hard cider on tap and a wide array of spirits within  the old growth timber walls infused with a century of good times. There’s a game room with pinball and  pool tables. They even sell tobacco! The building still sports the original stone fireplace in the old dining  room, and they recently built a new back patio. Stop by and say hi to Eddie, the bull elk, or maybe you’ll  be lucky enough to encounter the ghost that haunts the oldest part of the building.  

As well as being a great place for a cold beverage and a hot burger, the Brass Rail also schedules karaoke  nights (with the Pizza Man Jesse Eldridge!), live stand-up comedy nights and live music. Follow them on  Facebook at @brassrailbar or on Instagram at @brass.rail.bar.grill to find out about special events.  

“The Brass Rail is an inclusive business and a safe space for everyone in the community of drinking age to come and gather regardless of race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. As long as you are respectful of the rules and to others, you are welcome to patronize and will be served in a friendly  manner.”

Southern Humboldt Chamber Of Commerce

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Garberville, CA 95542

Phone: (707) 923-2613


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