Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce


Willow Creek Chamber of Commerce

The town of Willow Creek, at the junction of 299 (Trinity River National Scenic Highway) and 96 (Bigfoot Scenic Highway), is located inside the Six Rivers National Forest. Surrounded by magnificent natural landscape, this little community offers many popular pursuits from river rafting and kayaking to hiking and bird watching. Just 12 miles from Willow Creek on Highway 96 is the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, the largest Indian reservation in California.

Approximately 1 hour’s drive from the Pacific coast, Willow Creek enjoys sunny weather all summer long. A popular tourist destination because of beaches and parks, as well as extensive roads for scenic driving or biking, and trails for hiking in the Six Rivers National Forest. The dense forests provide exceptional wildlife viewing of elk, deer, river otters, black bears, mink, bald eagles and peregrine falcons.

Home to farms, artists and a vibrant retirement community, this town has plenty of retail options and stores for grocery and camping supplies. Get coffee or dine at the town’s many local eateries. Pick up fresh produce or fruit at a local farm stand.

The town is known as "Bigfoot Capital of the World" and has a great museum Willow Creek China Flat Museum in the center of town featuring Bigfoot exhibits and more. Come to our annual festival Bigfoot Daze, always held on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend!

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Corner of Highways 299 and 96
Willow Creek, CA

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