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Whitethorn Construction

Whitethorn Hardwoods is a small hardwood mill offering only native California species. Our operation is unique in California. Our inventory of native California hardwoods is second to none. We specialize in Madrone and Tan Oak though we have several other species in stock including Claro Walnut, Pepperwood and California Black Oak.


The primary focus of Whitethorn Hardwoods is to provide cabinet lumber,flooring and slabs from native California hardwoods to regional wookworkers and cabinetmakers. Providing properly kiln dried western hardwoods in dimensions sought after by fine craftsmen is the driving force for our business.


All of the wood that we offer is carefully air dried and then kiln dried. Our objective is to dry wood slowly in order to get as far away from standard commercial quick drying as possible. A well dried board is a pleasure to machine.


We are woodworkers first and wood merchants second.

From milling logs to sales of cabinet lumber, slabs, flooring and finished cabinets: We take pride in our woodsour designs and our technical abilities.


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Bob McKee


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545 Shelter Cove Rd, Whitethorn, CA 95589, USA
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