The Appraisal Office


The Appraisal Office

About Us

We are a real estate appraisal practice, specializing in rural properties, large acreage, coastal communities, and non-traditional homes with offices in Humboldt and Sonoma County.

Services Offered

We conduct land only and residential appraisals for purchase, refinance, estate settlement, stepped-up basis, retroactive, partnership buyout, speculation, and other purposes.

Our Commitment

To provide underserved areas with a timely, reliable real estate appraisal, giving the consideration and attention necessary in complex regions with unique situations and diverse challenges.

Who We Are

Gordon "Gordy" Giordano
Beginning his real estate career in 1968, Gordy began appraising in 1986, becoming licensed in 1992, and Certified in 2006. His extensive knowledge of real estate and appraisal allows him to help clients understand the valuation process, empowering their decisions. Gordy is also willing to share a wealth of life lessons, give advice on opening the perfect steak house, and isn't afraid of telling the same joke one hundred and one times.

Certified Residential License # AR018253, FHA/USDA Approved

Jamie L Maguire
Having moved to Humboldt County in 2009, Jamie combined her analytics and marketing background with her love of nature and conservation, providing consultation services for local businesses. She began working with Gordy in 2019, becoming licensed in 2021, and partner in The Appraisal Office. Living in a rural community, Jamie understands the complexities of country properties and is dedicated to providing quality and timely appraisals and consultation.

Residential License # AL3008297


Contact Information

1271 Evergreen Rd, PMB 327, Redway, CA 95560