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Sweet Grass Boutique

Sweet Grass Boutique

Agnes & Dora is a clothing company that is on a mission to help women redefine success and beauty by embracing their personal power. We believe that the wellness of both body and mind, are a vital part of obtaining a fulfilling and enriching life. Our clothing, which can be purchased through independent Reps, enables women to go out and follow their passion, all while being comfortable and fashionable.

At Agnes & Dora, we appreciate feedback and hope for an open and positive discussion on the events of the past few days. We know we are not perfect and the items and issues you’ve raised are helping us evaluate and improve our processes and policies.


Please know that the independent business owner formerly associated with our company who made the incredibly tasteless comment is not a spokesperson for our company and clearly does not uphold or exhibit our values. She is no longer associated with Agnes & Dora.

We recognize some of our internal practices and policies need improvement; specifically our diversity training and the ways we ensure compliance with these policies. We are closely looking at these policies and processes and will take what we are learning from you and improve.



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