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Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team

Volunteer Rescue Team providing rope and river rescue to Southern Humboldt County.
The Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue Team provides rescue services to the remote and rugged rural area of Southern Humboldt County, in Northern California. Our response area measures roughly 1000 square miles, including the Mattole River, much of the Eel River, and 35 miles of the Lost Coast.
Our crew is made up entirely of volunteer firefighters, who in addition to their fire education have trained extensively in rope rescue, swift water and flood rescue, urban and wilderness search and rescue, and emergency medical services. Essentially, if you have an emergency in a location that is steep, wet, or otherwise inaccessible, we’re coming for you. As the crew likes to say; “We don’t want you to have a bad day, but we want to be there when you do.”
Thomas Norris

Public information officer
P.O Box 458
Redway, CA 95560


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