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Signature Coffee Company

Signature Coffee was founded in 1988 to blend our passion for fine coffees with our love for affecting positive change both locally within our community and globally throughout the coffee growing world.


Karyn Lee-Thomas  (owner/founder)  is passionate about making a difference in the world by using Signature Coffee as a vehicle for environmental and social change. She currently serves as chair of the Sustainability Council of the Specialty Coffee Association; is president-elect of her local Rotary Club and serves as director of the area’s community credit union. She loves traveling, gardening, nature and being an environmental activist. She drinks yerba mate, Japanese matcha, and her current favorite coffee is the Amaro Gayo from Ethiopia.

Reuben Mood  (roastmaster)
Reuben is a little league baseball coach, a community event volunteer, and proud parent. He loves animals, bicycling, gardening, microbrews and learning new things. He drinks copious quantities of coffee and is especially fond of Papua New Coffee beans. He lives in the heart of the Humboldt nation in the sprawling metropolis of Garberville.


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Karyn Lee-Thomas

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Office Hours: 9am-4pm Mon-Thurs
Retail Hours: 7am-5pm Mon-Fri


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3455 Redwood Dr, Redway, CA 95560, USA
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