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Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Department

Founded: in 1979
Located: West of Miranda CA
Salmon Creek Volunteer Fire Department is located in the hills of Miranda, CA. it is a small community built department. Our Volunteers are hard workers and arealways on call. We live in a great community and cherish our bonds. Our team is wonderful, they risk their lives for free to save others.
General Information

Our department consists of apprx 10-15 volunteer fire fighters


Crew Memebers consist of:



Fire Chief: Dan Gribi
Fire Captain: Matt Stark
Jerry Hoogareen
Julian King
Joe Shotwell (PRJ)
John Burgess
Mike Brennan
Pete Lindstrom
Rob Endelman
Rusty Rogers
Tyce Fraser
Tyler Hills



We also have Fire Board with 4 volunteer members


President: Kevin Church
Vice President: Harry Vaughn
Treasurer: Becky Crossland
Secretary: Marrissa Helgeson
Thomas Norris
Assistant Chief
P.O Box 662
Miranda, CA 95553


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