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Redwood Times

Redwood Times. Your local source for breaking news, sports, business, classifieds, and entertainment in Southern Humboldt.

A newspaper is more than just a business or a bare daily recitation of facts. It's a living, growing, dynamic entity, mirroring the region it serves.

We write the first rough draft of history each day; you infuse that writing with meaning in the way you interpret the information, discuss it, react to it.

The symbiosis between the American newspaper and its readership — each dependent on the other — was implied in our Constitution, which upholds free speech above all others in the Bill of Rights.

We'll stay true to that spirit by printing news, sports, entertainment, features and a myriad other offerings each day, as well as a range of letters and comment representing the political and philosophical gamut, and even the views of those who don't always agree with us.

That's because we're a community newspaper — your community's daily newspaper.


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