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Redway Feed & Garden

Redway Feed, Garden & Pet Supply opened its doors in Humboldt County in 1989. Over the last 20+ years Redway Feed has been committed to providing excellent organic, soil and soil less gardening, plus pet and farm supplies.


Outstanding customer service is not just a phrase here at Redway Feed its the foundation on which our company was built.


Our Garden department is fully stocked with nutrients, fertilizers and soils galore. Anything the novice to advanced horticulturist could need or want. We have water and light timers, portable greenhouses, shade cloth and so much more. Sunlight, Sparetime, Aroura and GHP are just a few of our top of the line suppliers.


Having trouble making that water hose reach? Come check out our large plumbing department. We have the water tanks, line and fittings to make it happen.


Flowers, Rose bushes, veggie start you'll find it all in our Nursery department. Along with all the necessities to make them grow and flourish. We have trellis for Sweet Peas to climb and beautiful ceramic pot large enough for a beautiful Dogwood tree. Decorate your lawn with gorgeous gazing balls or maybe some solar lamps from Redway Feed.


So if you are an organic gardener, or hydroponic gardener, a pet enthusiast, backyard gardner or 3rd generation farmer in Humboldt County we have what you want (and even what you didn't know you wanted!)


See you soon at Redway Feed Garden and Pet Supply where we help YOU make the complicated simple with just the right items for gardening and pets!



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Thomas & Tina Harwood



  • Hydroponics
  • Best Ballasts
  • Dog Houses
  • Greenhouse Materials
  • Healthy Dog Food
  • Pest & Disease Control
  • Propagation & Cloning
  • Nutrients/Supplements


Hours of Operation


Monday-Sunday 8:30am-5:30




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290 Briceland Rd, Redway, CA 95560, USA
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