Redheaded Blackbelt


Redheaded Blackbelt

I do everything from photography to selling ads to writing stories.

I’m totally in love with the Emerald Counties, that incredible place south of the Oregon border and east of the Pacific Ocean that is home to redwoods, rolling hills, Victorian mansions, hippie homesteads, wildflowers, and wildlife.

Yes, I really did get my black belt (in Tang Soo Do) and I used to have red hair before I became a news reporter. (Putting this colorful world in black and white made my hair gray.) I live about 45 minutes from the nearest town and spend way too much time on my computer getting the latest information to my readers. (For something I’m really proud of click here.)

I also received the 2018 Unsung Hero award from the Society of Professional Journalists in Northern California.

You can contact me or my staff at redheadedblackbelt.com.




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Phillipsville, CA, USA