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pineapple express

Pinapple Express Food Truck

ka mo'olelo
(our story)

Pineapple Express Hawaiian Plate Lunch was born out of a desire to feed and nourish people-not just their bodies but their souls as well. Owner and operator Codi Nishimoto's love for food and feeding people is rivaled only by her love of the islands. She is Hawaii born and raised, with a long and deep connection to the islands. All four of her grandparents were raised on the sugar plantations in Hawaii, and both her parents worked at the pineapple cannery. These deep roots are what inspired Pineapple Express and all the dishes set forth.


spreading the aloha, one plate at a time

Aloha is a way of life. It encompasses so much more than expressing love or greeting someone. Aloha, simply put, is joyfully sharing life-with each other, with everything. Our goal is to spread the aloha, one plate lunch at a time. For us, food has always made a bad day better and turned frowns into smiles. We hope our food will do the same for you. 
Hours of Operation: Seasonal business
Prices: vary depending on dish


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