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Legend of Bigfoot

Legend of Bigfoot

In today's monster-hyped world of expectation, be warned that the tourist attraction named "The Legend of Bigfoot" is not about Bigfoot. It comes up suddenly on a curve along the Avenue of the Giants -- an open air chainsaw carvings gift shop selling plants and tourist items.


We were disappointed in the 1990s when we stopped, but 20 years later it's more fun and serviceable as a Redwood Highway attraction. If there is an actual legendinvolved, it's cryptic and complex. Among the wind chimes and burls stands a carved statue of a Bigfoot, next to a gold panning prospector holding a nugget. They're surrounded by cartoon bears and painted gnomes.


The attraction offers several photo ops. Up the slope to the restrooms, visitors pass a carved Indian head, and can pose in front of a fairy tale house labeled "Bear Hollow," or crawl into log beneath an elf.




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