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Huckleberry Hill Farms

Heritage Farmers in the Emerald Triangle

The farmers at Huckleberry Hill Farms put attention and care into every cannabis plant in their gardens. They are experts in their craft -- they help their ganja grow with vigor under the sun, keeping an eye on any areas of potential trouble and using regenerative methods to maintain the ecosystem's balance so the crop can thrive. These are the farmers that care deeply about the cannabis that they grow and the people that will eventually enjoy it.

This attention to detail and care, along with our curated library of Signature Strains, are what create the top quality flower and extracts at Huckleberry Hill Farms. Lead cultivator and owner John Casali continues his lifelong craft of cannabis farming as a second generation farmer. He leads a team of farms that responsibly and sustainably grow the Huckleberry Hill Farms flowers in the heart of Humboldt.