Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary, LLC

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Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary, LLC

Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary is a wilderness retreat destination, learning village, and community hub located on 200 acres at the Heart of the Emerald Triangle in Humboldt County, California.


Discover the serenity and spirit of our natural surroundings, take in breathtaking vistas, heart-healthy hikes and cuisine, soothing wellness experiences, and find the perfect place to host your private retreat or special event. Enrich yourself with our unique activities and inspirational educational programs, all while enjoying backcountry lodging and accommodation in a rustic and remote locale.


We are dedicated to promoting social and environmental abundance through the research, education and demonstration of sustainable living practices. We lead by example and model alternative ways of living that build stronger communities, regenerate the environment and achieve economic prosperity. We offer a holistic, hands-on approach, focusing on cultivating healthy relationships with all that sustains us – our land, our farm, our community.


Bring your sense of adventure! And welcome to Heartwood ?


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Megan Walsh


  • Wellness and Relaxation
  • Madrone and Sunrise Dorm
  • Bungalow and Cabinets
  • Camping
  • Historic Heartwoood
  • Lodge at Heartwood
  • Food, Arts, Culture and Ecology
  • Heartwood Temple

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Always Open


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220 Harmony Lane, Garberville, CA 95542, USA
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