Healy Senior Center


Healy Senior Center

I've only recently looked into the Healy after I became a recipient of their frozen meal program. Did you know there would be no Meals on Wheels program in SoHum without the Healy center? The hospital used to run the program but was going to abandon it because of the costs involved, until the shoestring-budgeted Healy center took it on.


As I write this, Director Melissa King is out today buying Christmas wish list items for the most impoverished seniors in our area. She told me a heartbreaking story of one gentleman whose wish one year was that he had a trailer to live in that didn't allow the wind to blast though it all the time. Apparently some very cool men and women then went out to his trailer with some plywood sheets and took care of things for the guy.


There are a lot of seniors around here for whom the one meal per day we get from Meals on Wheels and the Frozen Meals program is the only thing they have to eat all day. So they'll cut in half the one chicken breast they get and have half for lunch and half for dinner.- Andy Caffrey


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