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Friends of the Lost Coast

The mission of the Friends of the Lost Coast is to inspire a passion for learning about, understanding and preserving the natural life of the Lost Coast in students, the local community and visitors.

In order to inspire this passion for nature, we offer a natural science curriculum to schools and youth interns, Summer adventure Camp, a day camp for kids ages 4 - 13, are developing a native plant garden and outdoor classroom, are raising awareness about the impact of invasive plants in our communities, and put on workshops, lectures, and hikes.

Funding for our programs comes from grants, fundraisers and donations from people like you!

LCIA is a member of the King Range Alliance, in partnership with the BLM King Range National Conservation Area.Board of Directors:
Cheryl Lisin (President)
Christina Huff (Vice-President/Treasurer)
Bergen Brell (Secretary)
Tina Leskar
Carl Hansen
Get Involved!
If you are interested in becoming involved with the FOLC please contact us.
-Become a volunteer
-Make a private donation (tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 organization)
-Help us educate: please share this page with your friends. As our goal is to provide education and information here, we're striving to reach as many people as possible.Friends of the Lost Coast website: http://www.lostcoast.org/For more information: visit the groups we have in our "liked pages" section. Details about the King Range National Conservation Area can be found at


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