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Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do started in Garberville back in October of 1998 and has been successfully operating in beautiful Southern Humboldt for over 20 years now!

The self-disciplined and driven athletes that actively participate in the variety of classes that Master Wolverton and her staff offer, have produced 79 blackbelts, with 17 accomplishing to 2nd degree, 15 to 3rd degree and 2 to 4th degree!  There have also been 37 regional cup winners as of 2019, an amazing accomplishment and Master Wolverton is very proud of her students!

Garberville is not the only location for the popular Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do classes taking place in Humboldt County.  They now have a studio in Arcata, Dragon Heart 2. A student, Meredyth Phillips, 3rd degree, also offers classes in Leggett at the afterschool program.

Master Becky Wolverton comes with a long line of experience, initially falling in love with martial arts because it “looked like fun” she said, while watching her two daughters train.    She fell in love with it all and has been passionate about it ever since!   She is currently a 5th degree black belt and in 2006 won the World Tang Soo Do Hall of Fame award for Instructor of the Year!  She was the first female instructor to receive this award and is also the only female regional director in the WTSDA, recently taking over in January of 2018.

Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do offers a martial arts program for the whole family and is a proud member studio of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

They also offer classes in Haidong Gumdo, a traditional Korean sword art, under the World Haidong Gumdo Association.

Split Second Survival is taught by Leland Salomon who is also a 3rd degree black belt in TSD. This is a self-defense system with no martial arts skills needed.

Free women’s self-defense classes are given on occasion so watch for those!

For more information call (707) 923-2886 or email: beckydhtsd@gmail.com      

You can also visit their Facebook page: Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do

Thank you Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do for your years of service and helping people from all over be the best version of themselves!  We are proud to have you as a member of our Chamber!


Contact Information

433 Melville Rd, Garberville, CA 95542, USA