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Mateel Botanicals

Mateel Botanicals community of farmers, health practitioners, medicinal herbalists, caregivers, and patients committed to the highest quality, safe, effective, CBD-rich medical cannabis products. Cannabis flowers, grown naturally and sustainably outdoors in California’s pristine redwood country are at the heart of our CBD-rich medicinals.


From our best flowers we extract cannabis oil using a CO2 sub-critical extractor, allowing all of the essential healing components of the plant material to remain present. Our hand-blended salves, sprays, tinctures, and other products offer you vibrant, CBD-rich healing medicine.


CBD Alive product is grown outdoors, in natural sunlight, using organic, sustainable farming techniques. Outdoor, as opposed to indoor, greenhouse-grown cannabis, has no high-carbon-footprint energy use associated with it, because it is grown and harvested in accordance with the natural ebb and flow of the seasons. Outdoor, sun-grown cannabis yields plants and flowers with better CBD/THC cannabinoid profiles, due to the broad spectrum of natural sunlight it receives, something not possible with indoor, synthetic lighting. Organic, chemical-free growing practices mean our cannabis is free from toxins, pesticides, and other residuals that may be harmful to humans, animals, and our environment.


CBD Alive grower/producers are strongly encouraged to collect and store rainwater in storage tanks, and to not draw from streams, creeks, or wells during habitat-critical months for fish and wildlife. We encourage sustainable soil-building practices and the use of bulk soil over packaged soil, and require soil and amendments to be organically sourced. Bio-diverse plantings, including border plants that naturally attract beneficial insects and keep pests away, are also recommended to all CBD Alive Collective growers.


CBD Alive maintains clean growing and processing conditions. All products are tested for mold, mildew, pesticide residue, and potency, ensuring that our patients receive products that are reliable, consistent, and of the highest quality.


What sets CBD Alive apart from other cannabis growers and producers is our focus on:

  • Creating organic CBD-rich cannabis medicine
  • Testing to provide CBD-rich medicine in consistent, verifiable, and measured dosages
  • Enlisting and supporting small, local grower-members
  • Requiring grower-members to follow sustainable, environmentally-sound growing practices including:
    • No indoor growing
    • No generators polluting air and water sources (creeks, streams, rivers)
    • No chemicals or animal poisons
    • Adequate water storage, so limited water supplies are not taxed during the dry season.


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