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Open for Business!!

Open for Business!!

Our beautifully strong Southern Humboldt community is beginning to open up after the Shelter In Place rules all but closed most businesses in our area.  Some of our favorites are back with new and creative solutions to safely serving locals and visitors. Check it out!!

Benbow Historic Inn

A beloved treasure of Southern Humboldt, the Benbow Historic Inn is open for lodging and dining.  The restaurant, under the leadership of returning Executive Chef George Tannehill, is offering limited meal service with a new menu featuring many Humboldt County-sourced ingredients.  And, don’t forget the golf course is also open! You can check out their website at https://benbowinn.com/ for more info.


Gyppo Ale Mill

Gyppo is California’s most remote brewery with stunning views of the Pacific, cold beers and warm welcomes.  Julia Peacock and her crew bend over backwards to provide great service while remaining attentive to the health and safety of their customers and employees.  Because too many go hungry, Gyppo Ale Mill is proud to “pay it forward” through the SoHum Full Belly program; to donate go to https://gyppo.com/sohum-full-bellies.  Make a reservation by calling (707) 986-7700.  For more information about the brewery https://gyppo.com/


Briceland Vineyards Winery

Briceland Vineyards is also open by appointment for outdoor wine tasting most weekends this summer.  You can taste their award-winning wines, including Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, in a beautiful garden setting.  Don’t delay and make an appointment with Andrew Morris, winemaker, today. Contact him at (707) 923-2429 or email andrew@bricelandvineyards.com  For more information about the winery http://bricelandvineyards.com/

Above all, Southern Humboldt is ready to help you discover your journey.  Because that’s what life’s about.

Click here for more dining choices https://garberville.org/single-category/dining/  and here for lodging choices https://garberville.org/single-category/tourism/

Click here for a listing of Humboldt County businesses certified to open https://humboldtgov.org/2770/Certified-Business-Lists


The Chamber’s Campaign

The Chamber’s Campaign

We would like to announce the beginning stages of the Chamber’s campaign and marketing/branding plan in representing and promoting the greater area of Southern Humboldt!

In the developmental stages of our new website, the Chamber took some time to think in detail about what all it is we do, what we stand for and who we are to Southern Humboldt.

First established in 1941, over the past few decades we have grown, expanded and changed just as Southern Humboldt has.


There are 3 key words that best describe who we are and what we do.

Cultivate (symbolizing growth and expansion)
Collaborate (working as a team with others)
Connect (bringing people, places & things together)

We currently help:

Cultivate new and existing businesses
Cultivate the cannabis businesses
Cultivate relationships between business owners
Cultivate spaces to learn (education)

We do our best to:

Collaborate with government agencies
Collaborate with local agencies
Collaborate with other organizations
Collaborate to share creative ideas

We build relationships and try to:

Connect with Community
Connect with Tourism
Connect with Nature
Connect with Oneself

With our eyes wide open and in representing the greater area of Southern Humboldt, we feel that:


We encourage the community, our members, tourists, travelers and out of towners alike to:

“Discover Your Journey”