Keeping Our Towns Clean

About Merchant Guild

Garberville / Redway Merchants’ Guild
“Keeping Our Towns Clean”

You are invited to contribute!
All dues collected are put into the Merchants’ Guild Account and funds are used to help keep our business districts clean,
public walkways swept, litter removal, etc.

Any business, organization, or community member can contribute.

Our current Merchants’ Guild Employee is Adam Godlove, and he is working hard to keep things clean!

Typically businesses commit to a monthly fee of $25 and are billed quarterly.

If you have any questions please call the Chamber of Commerce 923-2613

A few facts about our Merchant Guild employee:

1. He picks up 500-600lbs of trash off the streets of Garberville/Redway every week🗑

2. He sweeps sidewalks daily 🧹

3. He pressure washes 💦

4. Picks up leaves in the fall 🍁

5. Leaf blows 🍃

6. Keeps the grass down 🌱

7. Takes on any other tasks/duties we ask of him

Please consider donating, every little bit helps and it breaks down to only about .84 cents/day!

Click the link below to contribute to the Southern Humboldt Chamber Of Commerce ‘Merchant Guild’ or scan the QR code.

Southern Humboldt Chamber Of Commerce

782 Redwood Drive / PO Box 445
Garberville, CA 95542

Phone: (707) 923-2613


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